Let the Light In Studio



What’s Included: High resolution images in color and black and white. 90 minute max.


Portrait Sessions

Portrait photo sessions on average last about an hour. We’ll take lots of photographs some perfectly posed and others candid and cool. My job is to select and minimally edit the very best. You can expect an average of 25 images for family and group shots and 12-15 for headshot or branding images. I’ll deliver your images via an online gallery. These high resolution images are yours to download and treasure. I also offer options for prints, canvases and albums for an additional fee.

Session Rate: $275-$400

Celebrations and Events

Photography services for celebrations and events are priced by a day rate. This does not include post processing time.

  • Half day rate 2-4 hours - $250

  • Full day rate 8 hours - $500

Post processing is priced by the hour ($50 per hour) and will be billed upon completion of editing. Since every event is different, I will provide an estimate on post processing time on inquiry after I have a feel for the day of event details and the desired image outcomes.


I do portrait session in-studio, in-home and outdoors and am happy to help you find the perfect spot for your images. Keep in mind, some locations require permits and additional fees may be associated. Not all outdoor public spaces are freely accessible for photography. I ask all my clients to keep an open mind in finding the right location given the lighting conditions and the desired time of day.

A Word on Posing

Photojournalism is a hot trend in today’s photography landscape. Everyone is striving for real, authentic and candid shots. Candid is beautiful, but not every candid moment is lit properly or revealing the best background. In portrait photography, there is an element of structure that is necessary in order to create soulful, beautiful images. As your photographer, I will do my best to create images that look and feel authentic, candid and include movement. But I’ll also direct or pose you during the shoot. So, don’t be caught off guard if I ask you to move this way or that way. My job is to figure out the light in every scene and click the shutter in a purposeful way to create an image that is meaningful.

Working with Children & Families

I absolutely love photographing families. One of the coolest rewards of photography is seeing a framed family photo I took on your living room wall. As a fellow parent, I know that kids can be unpredictable. Sometimes they are mad, moody or sad and other times they are joyful, playful and fun. Any and all of those moods and expressions can come out on picture day. This can add an element of stress to parents trying to get kids to behave during a photo shoot.

The one thing I ask parents is to try and relax and let me interact with your kids. This is a time when you get to stop worrying about getting them to behave and listen and let someone else jump in. I will work in partnership with you to get kids to engage with us to create beautiful images. At all times I will keep them safe and be respectful if I suspect we need to take a break to recompose. I want everyone to be as comfortable as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions


I invoice after your session via an electronic invoice. You can pay by check, cash or credit card.


There are no hard and fast rules for what to wear in a session, but there are a few tips to point you in the right direction. The most important thing is that you feel good about yourself.

Dress comfortably and simply. Solid colors that accentuate your eyes generally work well - just avoid overly busy prints. Avoid wearing tops that are too close to your skin tone. Stark black and white can sometimes be challenging to photograph if there is no contrast in the scene like grass or background wall colors. Try rich neutrals like chocolate, navy, maroon or forest green. Be yourself! Feel free to wear accessories that accentuate your personality like chunky necklaces, scarves, big earrings and funky glasses.

Even if you don’t regularly wear make-up, a little bit helps you look more vibrant in the images and less washed out.


A smile! You knew I was going to say that didn’t you? Yes I love big smiles, but what I love even more is an open heart. Being in front of a camera (especially if it’s your first time) is awkward and I want to make it fun and satisfying. Bring a brush, some water, touch-up make-up (if you wear it) and any accessories you want (glasses, scarves, etc.). I also love fun props so if you have something in mind you want to include, let’s chat! If you are a parent, feel free to bring toys, snacks or other items that will help your kids feel more comfortable.


My goal is to deliver your digital gallery for viewing within 48-72 hours. However, I’m a Mom with a messy house and some pretty messy kids, so from time to time, it takes me a little longer to deliver your photos. I’ll let you know if I need to extend my delivery window.


I work out of a beautiful natural light co-working member studio in North Denver near 50th and Washington. This space is a beautiful option for a wide variety of images.